Bushnell Tour v3


Hey guys,

I bought the Bushnell Tour V3 after a friend of mine told me how much it was helping him. It’s been three months now, and with my improved club selection, I’ve already taken strokes off my game.

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Knowing the distance to the flag, and also learning the distance my clubs hit, has improved my game remarkably. I took the Tour to the driving range before I ever hit the course and studied the range of my clubs. I already had an idea, but the V3 helped me hone in on the right club to use at the right time.

Bushnell V3

The V3 packs a lot into the compact size and it sits nice and comfortable in my hand. This LRF (Laser RangeFinder) is just really easy to operate, and the LCD displays a beautiful picture with a cross hair. If I zoom in on the flag, the unit will vibrate and instantly display the distance.

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The previous Bushnell Tour V2 and this new Tour V3 both use the PinSeeker Technology, which reads the laser and then locks on to the flag. The difference is the Jolt Technology. Only the V3 has the Jolt feature which is like a burst of quick vibrations. It’s a nice tactile alert.

Basic Features

  • Rain Proof
  • Comes with a nice carring case.
  • Measures in meters or yards.
  • #1 LRF brand used by the PRO’s.
  • Can reach targets all the way out to 5000 ft.
  • Scan Feature – Pan across the field for multiple target acuqisition. ( Good for Driving Range )


There are two models available right now:

Bushnell V3

The Standard is the base model and has everything except the Slope Technology.

Slope edition

The Slope Edition actually gives me both the distance to the flag and calculates the added or decreased yardage, depending on the degree of the incline. The slope feature is great. I now realize my guesstimates were off, and knowing the added yardage gives me a clear competitive edge over my golf buddies. Now on hilly courses they insist I go first.

If you are serious about improving your game, plain and simple, you need to know the distance to swing for. This rangefinder has made my game better, a lot more fun, and WAY less frustrating. I love this thing. Get one and you’ll thank me later.

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Laser RangeFinders – Explained

The Tour V3

Amazing Laser RangeFinders

A laser rangefinder is a device that uses laser technology to determine the distance between two objects. The most basic range finder determines distance by flight which is the time taken for a laser beam to travel to the object and back. The distance is then calculated mathematically using a formula the device is programmed with. However, the technology falls less helpful due to the high speed of light.

Functionality of Laser Range Finders

As seen, Laser range finders perform different functions. To add to distance determination, the Laser technology device can also determine whether an object is moving, the direction it is moving and the speed it is moving with. This is made possible by a pulse feature the device is fitted with. The pulse can also be coded to reduce instances of the laser device jamming.

Range finders have high precision which is determined by the flight, (Rise or fall time of the laser) and the receiver speed of the detector. Precision increases with increase in the speed of both the laser transmitter and the receiver.

The range is then determined after the laser beam has been transmitted to the target object and received back by the receiver. However, weather conditions and physical features may cause inaccurate readings. When the temperatures are high, the air bubbles with heat up thus project the laser beam to a further distance making the Laser Range finders more useful when measuring long distances. On the other hand, objects such as trees may lead to inaccurate measurements.

When a laser beam is sent say maybe under a tree, the leaves may obscure the laser beams making them take a premature return to the receiver. The Range finder will then record a reading which is both inaccurate and wrong.

The calculation o the range is done automatically by the range finder after the laser beams have been received back.  The distance between point A and point B is given by a customized formula.

Variety of Range Finder

The most powerful range finder measure distances of up to 25 kilometers and are usually installed either on tripods, vehicles or on guns. The range finders are also installed with an advanced board to enable it determine distances at night and in areas of poor vision. This range finder is usually used by the military to determine the distance between them and their enemy.

The second range finder is the common one used by golfers to measure small distances.

Tour V3 – The Golfer’s Companion

The Game Vs the Instrument

TourGolf has continued to woo an intelligent audience and large scale participation globally. The game entails great accuracy associated with highly skilled and patient players. However, a golf club and God given ability alone isn’t enough to make the competitive scores these days. Depending on various functions to be performed during the game, technology has also set in to prove its intelligence in providence of sophisticated instruments to enable successful golfing. Bushnell Tour V3 is one such instrument. The Bushnell Tour series is a list of rangefinders developed to help golfers enjoy the game without strains.

The Device

Bushnell Tour V3 rangefinder boasts of being the smallest electronic range detecting device. Amply developed using VOLT technology and equipped with Pin seeker capability, it makes perfect use of these technologies to provide pinpoint accuracy and remarkable range. This helps the gamer to measure distant flags within a range of up to 300 yards without bringing reflectors and prisms into the picture.

The device is exclusively designed to pick out flags amid the wide background. Also enabled is the ability to figure out the range difference between two objects when required. In this case, the closer of the two objects is displayed first on the LCD screen. When locked onto the flag, the VOLT tech vibrates the V3 rangefinder to indicate all of the above steps have taken place and it does this in less than a second.


Bushnell Tour V3 is powered by a stable 3-volt lead battery and boasts a high magnification power of up to 5×. The pin seeker technology and JOLT Technology serves to help the golfer zero in on the flag. Scan mode provides updated LCD display when panning across the landscape. Grip of the device is guaranteed by the economic design customized for high mobility activity. The safety of the device from rain, which golfers are sometimes exposed to, is also provided by the rain proof casing and the golfer’s companion case this rangefinder comes with.

Bushnell Tour V3 offers an elegant crystal clear display and extremely accurate distances. At this point, the 5 times magnification swings into action giving a bold appearance to a target placed yards away.


The question in many people’s minds is whether the Bushnell Tour V3 device works. Just like many other second edition devices, V3 is designed to advance the features of its warmly received predecessor, Bushnell V2. The performance is guaranteed by the great features if not the company’s willingness to take back any non performing device within two years of purchasing.

Bushnell Tour V3 is the ultimate golfer’s rangefinder.

Bushnell V2 vs V3

We’ve talked a lot about the Bushnell Tour v3, but what about the V2?

The Bushnell v2  is the predecessor to the V3 and the first model of the Bushnell rangefinder series with the PinSeeker feature. Apart from the new Jolt Technology on the V3, the two are very close in features and size.

I did a lot of research on the Bushnell Tour v2 before I bought the V3. These are a few reasons why I chose the V3 over the V2.

V2 vs V3Price

The new Bushnell Tour v3 is about $60 more than the older V2. Now don’t get me wrong, the V2 is a great rangefinder; one of the best on the market. But Bushnell took a great golf rangefinder and made it even better. So when it comes down to the price, I couldn’t see myself buying old technology when I could spend an extra $60 or so and get the new and improved.


I know that I’ve hit on this already, but the Tour v3 has the newest technology. The Jolt Technology gives a nice jolt when the Pinseeker feature activates. As I mentioned in my V3 review, it’s a nice tactile alert that makes using the unit easier and helps make the V3 experience enjoyable. And I’m all about getting as much pleasure out of my golf game as possible.

Battery Life

Like I said, I did my homework and read a ton of reviews. One of the things I kept coming across was customers talking about the limited battery life on the Bushnell v2. I remember someone writing that the power button would get stuck in the on position. Of course that may be one reason it runs through batteries so fast. Though there were very limited reviews at the time, I read somewhere that Bushnell had addressed the battery life issue with their new Tour v3. Well I’m happy to report that I’ve been using mine for a few months now and my original batteries are still going strong. So whatever the issue was, its definitely been addressed.


In my experience companies usually build on their successes and Bushnell has done this in spades. They really have taken a great golf rangefinder in the V2 and made it even better. After taking all this into consideration I chose the Tour v3.

Bushnell Golf – Successful Steps

Successful Steps Of Bushnell Golf


My BushnellBushnell has been in the spot light over the production of sports optics for over the last 60 years. Driven by their principle of provision of high quality, reliable and cost effective optic devices, Bushnell Golf has successfully dominated the industry. Their retailer partnership remains a no match courtesy of its excellent customer care services.

As if designed to win, their products have won several performance, design and quality awards from distinguished institutions.

Bushnell Offers

To impress the world and win the market trust, Bushnell cooperation launched an instant saving promotion on one if its outdoor products, G Force 1300 ARC. The promotion was scheduled to run between July and August of the year 2013. This is among one of the many ways Bushnell serves to win the customers trust in the outdoor gaming devices.

Bushnell offers career opportunities to technology infested minds. With market outlets all over the world, the management of the company believes in the participation of each and every employee to the ultimate success of the company thus credit goes to all members of the Bushnell Company rather than the top most management as with many companies. Bushnell offers the most competitive career platform and the greatest chance to develop ones skills in the technology field.

Standing Out

Bushnell Company stands out from the other companies due to its philanthropic approaches to various institutions. It makes donations to academic institutions majorly to enhance technology and to develop better brains. The donation sees thousands of students benefit from the donations by acquiring skills to equip them ready for the challenges such ventures expose to them.

Bushnell Company has numerous factory outlets to enable you access to numerous and a wide range of products which may not be available in retail outlets. To backup the performance of Factory outlets are licensed retail outlets which, unlike factory which are only situated in the US, are found globally.

Bushnell Company has a remarkable market reputation earned not by coercion but by the quality products supplied to the market. In Asia, market outlets are found in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. In Australia, the amazing range finder products may be found in Australia, New Caledonia and New Zealand. Africa is not left out in the market distribution as an outlet in found in South Africa at Randburg.  Several countries in the Middle East also host the great company’s outlets.

With the great contribution made to the world through range technology, Bushnell Company is definitely the company to watch as it is working to introduce even more cool and fascinating products into the market.

Golf Rangefinder – How It Works

How A Golf Rangefinder Works

A range finder works by sending out a laser beam to an object and then measuring the time it takes for that laser to return. A digital clock will measure this time and the data is then calculated by the electronics and the yardage is displayed on an LCD Display. All this happens in less than a second.


How PinSeeker Works

Until now, soft targets like flags have been very hard to get a laser to “bounce” off of. That’s because of it’s non-reflective material. With Bushnell’s PinSeeker Technology, that problem has been solved. It’s a good guess that Bushnell doesn’t want to give out all their secrets given the fact they are quite vague about how the pin seeker works.


What they do tell us is that if more than one object is being picked up, the PinSeeker will determine the closest object and only display that distance. That’s great but how does that solve the problem of a non-reflective flag. The answer is in the name. Instead of the laser bouncing off the flag, the laser will bounce off of the pin the flag is attached to. That makes sense because it would be more reflective than the flag. Of course with the pin being so small, there has to be more to it, but for now that seems to be for Bushnell to know and for us to keep speculating.

How Slope Technology Works

The distance to the flag will increase with elevation. Bushnell has worked out a formula and a product to give the added yards.

Slope Technology

The image above gives an example of a 150 yard shot elevated to 6 degrees. The calculated yardage at that angle requires an additional 16 yards to reach the pin, not to mention the green is sloped so I would go even a bit more than that. Without the golf rangefinder and knowing the added yards on this shot, you would be coming up short. Can you say bunker? :)

Bushnell pioneered the first range finder and they have been the industry leader ever since. 90 percent of the rangefinders used on the pro circuit are Bushnell. The fact that so many golfers trust these rangefinders says a lot about the quality and cutting edge technology that goes into them.

Bushnell Tour V3 Review – Coming Soon

Welcome to my Bushnell v3 Review. As you can see this post is all there is. That’s because I’m working on the review as we speak. :) I will be ready shortly, so bookmark my site and check back often.

If you can wait, you will get a first hand review of how this product did on the course; how much, if any, it improved my game; how reliable the measurements are and how well the new Jolt Technology works.

I look forward to telling you what I think about this product and helping you find the best deal on the Tour V3.
Until then,